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What We Do

Humanitarian Aid

Paloonkey works with our nonprofit partner organizations to provide humanitarian aid to Afghans in need.

Afghan Culture

Paloonkey will inspire hope while promoting Afghan culture through multiple programs, including: poetry, personal narratives, illustrations, and sewing.

Research & Analysis

Paloonkey's experienced Social Science Researchers and Data Analysts conduct culturally sensitive research studies and insightful all-source analytics of the Afghan social media landscape and on topics that are important to Afghans.

Image by Mohammad Rahmani

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Paloonkey is on a mission to be a catalyst of Afghan-led change using advanced social science research, data analytics, and on-the-ground insights that empower the future leaders of Afghanistan with the shared resources, knowledge, and mission to deliver a lasting, positive impact.


Paloonkey envisions a healthy and successful Afghan population, both within Afghanistan and diasporic, and an Afghan nation thriving upon the ideals of equality, educational opportunity, freedom of expression and social organization, empathetic community, and political self-determination.

Core Values


About Us

Paloonkey is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Washington, D.C. We are 100% volunteers.


Who We Are

Paloonkey consists of native, cultural, and language-trained experts who understand the political, cultural, ethnic, and religious nuances of Afghanistan’s open source landscape. We are Afghans, Americans, Europeans, US military veterans, LGBTQ+, women, and people with disabilities.

​Paloonkey's advantage is the value of our network. Our network consists of some of the most resilient and business-savvy professionals of Afghanistan who bravely risked their lives in high-conflict areas in pursuit of a better future.

For Paloonkey, this isn't just about submitting visa applications and paying for flights; we want a better future for our families, friends, colleagues, and descendants.

Our Story

The Paloonkey team was first brought together on international development programs in Afghanistan over the last 20 years. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we empowered and educated Afghan people of all ages nationwide through illustrations, TV & radio, native literacy training, social science research, all-source intelligence, and "train the trainer" programs.

Leading up to the devastating fall of Kabul in 2021, we reconnected as seasoned professionals and combined our experience to launch this coordinated long-term effort.

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