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Bamyan (Bamiyan) in Central Afghanistan. This is a view over the Bamyan (Bamiyan) Valley s


وب سایت ما در حال ساخته شدن است، تشکر از حوصله مندی شما.
Thank you for being patient with us while our website is under construction

October 2021

Personnel: 11
Evacuated: 12

Submitted Paloonkey's 501(c)(3) application form to the IRS for certified tax-exemption status. Started the process for opening a non-profit business banking account to allow for donations and e-commerce.

September 2021

Personnel: 9
Evacuated: 3

Officially registered in Washington, D.C., USA as an incorporated non-profit NGO. Created website and social media accounts.

August 2021

Personnel: 4
Evacuated: 0

Four people joined together to find a solution for getting our friends and family to safety.

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